Steam White Rice

regular steam white rice is the most common staple food across india and especially in assam. you can server any vegetarian or non-vegetarian cuisines.

  • 3 cups of any basmati rice
  • 5 cups of potable water

Prep. Time

2 min

Cook. Time

15~20 min

Total Time

17 min







How to prepare:
  • rinse 3 cups of rice with clean water
  • drain the water
  • put the rinsed rice in a tall pan
  • add 5 cups of water (water should be at least 1~2 inches above the rice grains inside the pan)
  • keep the pan on medium flame for 10~15 minutes
  • the rice grains should start boiling
  • make sure water does not get dried out
  • wait another 4~5 minutes until the rice grain looks al dente (still little hard inside)
  • drain out the remaining water using a large sieve/strainer
  • serve the steamed rice in a serving bowl

the rice cooked this way is starch free (starch is drained out at th end) thus it will contain less carbohydrates

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anjori dutta 2014-12-09